Champion ONE’s CWDM XFP enables 10G through existing CWDM filters, without the need for a hybrid DWDM design.  Our XFP CWDM components are available in eight standard CWDM wavelengths (1470-1610nm, 20nm spacing) and offer flexibility in your network design.

Our CWDM XFP product line supports the following protocols and data rates:

  • 10G Ethernet LAN/WAN
  • 10G Fibre Channel
  • 10G Ethernet LAN/WAN with FEC
  • OC-192

Champion ONE’s CWDM XFPs are available in a rated distance of 70km and is a standard temperature rated component.

Champion ONE's carrier-grade optical transceivers feature digital diagnostics, also known as digital optical monitoring (DOM), which is supported by the majority of switches and routers. We stock the majority of our products and strive for 100 percent availability. All Champion ONE optical transceivers are RoHS compliant and feature a limited warranty up to five years.

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Our XFP CWDM optics are unique in the industry and are available in eight standard CWDM wavelengths, from 1470-1610nm with 20nm spacing.

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